Three Flight School Red Flags – Know When To Run Away

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We’ve all heard horror stories about flight schools, and some of them are actually true. Unfortunately, there are always people out there willing to make promises they can’t keep or worse, rip you off. In our new article, How To Avoid Flight School Pitfalls – Three “Red Flags” To Avoid When Searching For A School, we point out three issues which should warn you to run away, fast, from a flight school. Here’s a quick preview:

Flight training is one of the most fun and exciting things you can undertake. As in any industry, there have been a few bad apples, but there are literally thousands of great flight schools all over the country that will turn you into a pilot in no time. By watching out for these “red flags,” you should be able to find a great flight school easily.

The most critical element of successful flight training happens well before you set foot in an airplane. In fact, it happens even before you start ground school. What could be so critical, but seem so inconsequential? Choosing a flight school. Where you choose to train will effect every aspect of your flight training, from the aircraft you fly to whether you get your certificate. There are many things to consider, but avoiding a few “red flags” can save you a lot of grief… read more >>

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