Three Reasons to Consider Civilian UAV Pilot Training

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Civilian use of UAS and civilian UAV pilot training are two of the newest and fastest growing sectors in all of aviation. With their huge success in the hands of the military, UAVs are experiencing a golden age reminiscent of the founding days of powered flight.

In our new article UAV Pilot Training: Three Reasons A Civilian UAV Training Program Should Be In Your Future we discuss three reasons you might want to consider a civilian UAV program. If you enjoy working with new technology or you’d like to be ahead of the game, civilian UAV pilot training is something you should consider. The following sample is just a portion of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

Among some of those early development were attempts at creating UAVs. Some were marginally successful, but it wasn’t until the last few decades that UAVs really became viable. Their development has been predominantly focused on military applications until recently when civilian applications became very attractive. Much like aviation’s golden age, UAVs have reached a critical point in their development where demand for civilian use is dictating development of regulations and pilots… read more >>

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