Top Three Tips To Finish Your Flight Training In Minimum Time

cessna flight - click to find flight training schoolsBy Ruth Morlas, CFI

Why do some people take three months to get their pilot certificate while others take three years?  The biggest reason for this inconsistency is just that…inconsistency.  Many student pilots get interrupted during their flight training due to finances, family matters, weather, etc.  Others prefer to go at a slow pace and accept the fact that this will cost them extra time and money.

However, if you want to get your training done and over with so you can start enjoying the freedom of flight as a licensed pilot, you should have the money ready and the time available to invest in an intensive yet rewarding flight training experience.

Here are the top 3 tips you can follow to finish your flight training in minimum time!

  1. Schedule yourself for flight lessons 4-5 times per week

    By doing this, you will end up actually flying at least three times a week which is optimum.  This gives you room for cancellations due to weather, mechanical problems, and calling in sick.  Anything less than three times per week causes you to go more than two days between lessons and this means you WILL forget some of what you learned during your last lesson.I know committing 4-5 times per week of possible flight lessons is a lot, but it’s totally worth it when you become a pilot in minimum time.  It saves you time, money, and a lot of frustration.  Of course, this also means you have to keep up with the ground school and studying.  It’s a lot to take on, but if you don’t want to dilly dally, it’s a must.
  2. Chair fly the night before a flight lesson

    After each lesson, your instructor should tell you what to expect for next time.  Sometime before your next lesson, preferably the night before, sit down and “chair fly” the maneuvers.  This is a trick that the professionals use well into their careers.  I work with airline, military, and test pilots, and they all still do this!
  3. Take notes during your debrief

    During your debrief, make sure to take notes so you don’t forget what to correct for next time.  If your instructor doesn’t sit down with you after each flight to debrief you, get another instructor.Try focusing on one or two things that you would like to see different during the next flight.  Chair fly with these things in mind and you’ll see amazing results in your progress.

Hope this helps and happy flying!

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Author Bio: Ruth Morlas is flight test engineer/pilot and a part time CFI.  She loves to help people achieve their dream of flying.  Follow her on twitter @PilotTricks or check out her blog

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