Two University Flight Training Programs Set to Expand

Two university aviation programs are set to expand in the next five years.

Two university aviation programs have announced that they are set to expand over the next five years.

Florida Institute of Technology recently announced a $14 million dollar contract with Turkish Airlines.

Under the contract, similar to an existing partnership between FIT and an Irish airline, FIT will provide primary flight instruction through the commercial pilot certificate level. The program, already underway since June, will train more than 100 Turkish pilots per year for the next five years.

In a similarly happy story, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has announced that they intend to open a third campus in either Houston, TX or Rockford, IL. The final announcement is expected sometime in March. With more than $125 million dollars in projects planned in the next five years, it’s no surprise that the school is eyeing expansion. Rockford is located in an area of significant growth in the aerospace industry with more than 130 companies located within an hour of the town. Houston, on the other hand, has NASA which is one of the largest employers of aerospace professionals.

Embry-Riddle, a very well known aviation school, currently has locations in Prescott, AZ and Daytona, FL. Embry-Riddle’s Daytona location is still relatively new as approximately half of the campus facilities are no older than 12 years. The campus is home to several facilities featuring some of the latest in flight training technology including flight simulators, hyperbaric chambers.

While these announcements are certainly good news for these schools and their students, they bear a certain similarity that other flight training providers would do well to notice. As indicated in both announcements, the schools are seeking out partnerships in the industry at large. In partnering with companies like airlines and aircraft manufacturers, these schools are paving the way for graduates to find jobs as well as providing alternate sources of funding which reduce the cost of their flight training programs.

Sources: Florida Tech lands $14M deal to train airline pilots and Embry-Riddle boss: Houston is Rockford’s competition
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