ULA is a Flight Training Leader

Upper Limit Aviation is on the Cutting Edge of Flight Training

ULA is on the Cutting Edge of Flight TrainingIt is important to remember that aviation is a technology-driven business. Much like other industries that we more traditionally associate with technology, aviation is driven by highly skilled people, both on the engineering side, and on the pilot side. But at the end of the day, a helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft is still just a really big machine that must be carefully operated by a man or woman who knows what they are doing. Upper Limit Aviation is a flight training program with three campuses that can offer cutting edge training to help professional pilots become masters in the cockpit, whether in a helicopter or in a fixed-wing aircraft.

The machinery used in helicopter and fixed-wing aviation is highly iterative. That is to say that the changes that happen from generation to generation of aircraft may appear to be on the microscopic order to the casual observer. Industry observers and pilots, of course, see it differently, with each small difference possibly signifying a massive overhaul in the way equipment runs. But it is not uncommon for an aircraft to be in wide-use for more than twenty years. Many pilots learn how to fly in helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft that have been in use for many years. Generations of aircraft do not change like cars do, year-to-year. This is mostly due to the expense that would be involved in continually updating and manufacturing aircraft, as well as the limited sales potential if the differences were only slight.

Upper Limit Aviation is Embracing a New Generation of Aircraft

When change comes, it does tend to come all at once. For many years, the Bell 206 helicopter has been the industry standard for a variety of applications. Over the last few years it has become apparent that the industry was undergoing a shift. That is why Upper Limit Aviation has seized the initiative and added the Eurocopter AStar to its training fleet at our Cedar City, UT campus. The demand for this aircraft is increasing each year in the industry, but pilots have few opportunities to train in it. Upper Limit Aviation is proud to be on the cutting edge of aviation flight training.

To learn more about cutting edge steps being taken by Upper Limit Aviation’s flight training program, call 1-855-HELIEDU.

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