US Aviation Group and Tarrant County College Sign Agreement

US Aviation Group and Tarrant County College have established an accredited flight training program at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas.

US Aviation Group(USAG), based out of Denton, Texas, has entered into an agreement with Tarrant County College (TCC) establishing access to USAG’s Part 141 flight training for TCC students. The two organizations will operate an accredited flight training program via a Learning Center established at Alliance Airport (AFW), in Fort Worth.

TCC students will be able to apply available financial aid, including GI Bill benefits and Pell Grants, to help pay for enrollment in USAG’s Professional Pilot Program. Upon completion of the program, students can expect to hold a multi-engine commercial rating and have passed the written exam for their ATP certificate. Additionally, the students can undertake coursework at TCC for a two-year degree in aviation and transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree.

This program sprang from an idea put forth by the North Central Council of Governments to provide a way for students to receive flight training locally. According to Floyd Curtis, Dean of Business, Technology and Transportation at TCC, the college latched onto the idea and began investigating Part 141 flight training providers in North Texas, where they discovered USAG. TCC was pleased with the success of USAG’s flight training program and both parties began negotiations to create the current program.

USAG is expecting “rapid growth and a high success rate” of students in the program. They currently conduct flight training at Denton and Hondo Municipal Airports, but will gradually expand operations to AFW as TCC students enroll for flight training. According to the President of USAG, Mike Sykes, within five years the U.S. airline industry can expect to see a critical shortage of qualified pilots as the numbers of older pilots reaching mandatory retirements out pace the numbers of new pilots. Despite current conditions at some airlines, now is the best time to begin flight training in order to best capitalize on the impending shortage.

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Source: US Aviation pens agreement with college
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