Utah Chief Pilot Takes Icy Plunge for Special Olympics

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Help Mountain Ridge Helicopters raise $1,000 for the Special Olympics

Mountain Ridge Helicopters is helping to raise money for the Special Olympics by participating in the 2012 Polar Plunge!

Have you dreaded the stage checks! Have you lost sleep the night before because you knew you were going to be tested on your flying skills…well fret no more…it’s time for payback!

How would you like to see Chief Pilot Matt Smith plunge into some icy cold water!

Well he told us he would if we could raise money for the Special Olympics 2012 Polar Plunge. OUR GOAL IS $1000, I think we can do it!

Then join us Saturday January 21st to watch the big event!

We are accepting donations at the following website http://www.events.org/sponsorship.aspx?id=35357 or make a donation via paypal with email fly@mountainridgeheli.com.


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