What Is It Like to Be an Airborne Law Enforcement Pilot?

What Is It Like to Be an Airborne Law Enforcement Pilot?

What Is It Like to Be an Airborne Law Enforcement Pilot?   The opportunity to become an airborne law enforcement pilot is one of the many exciting career options available to those who complete professional pilot training. Many students arrive to their helicopter flight training with a preconceived notion of what they would like to do as a career. In the case of many airborne law enforcement (ALE) pilots, that is often the case. Due to the fact that ALE pilots must usually join a police force and work for two years as a regular police officer before they will be eligible to be considered for an ALE position, most pilots who pursue this career are very committed to their choice. Upper Limit Aviation (1-855-HELIEDU) can provide the training that ALE pilots need to distinguish themselves from their colleagues.

What Does an Airborne Law Enforcement Pilot Do? 

Usually there are two people flying in an ALE helicopter: the pilot and the TFO (or, technical field officer). The TFO is usually responsible for surveillance and other police work while the pilot, obviously, flies the helicopter. Sometimes ALE pilots must use special equipment, such as FLiR (forward looking infrared) and NVG (night vision goggles). Using this equipment while operating the helicopter takes practice and finesse. During the course of a day, an airborne law enforcement pilot will spend most of their time assisting cops on the ground, by providing details of routes and conditions, shining a spotlight or other duties. Occasionally, ALE pilots will look for missing persons or suspects who have fled capture. It doesn’t happen every day, but most ALE pilots love a good high-speed chase as well.

Upper Limit Aviation provides all the training today’s Airborne Law Enforcement pilots will need in order to perform the essential duties of their job. This is a rewarding career that can enrich your life. To learn more about how to get started at Upper Limit Aviation, call 1-855-HELIEDU today.


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