Yavapai College / Guidance Students Get Turbine Transition Course

Guidance Aviation Helicopter Training Arizona

Guidance Aviation Helicopter Training Arizona

On November 17, the new R66 Turbine (Jet) Helicopter program kicks off at Guidance Aviation, Prescott Municipal airport. The start of this program is being celebrated by Guidance Aviation staff, faculty and helicopter flight students in the Yavapai College – Guidance Aviation Professional Pilot Program – Helicopters.

John Stonecipher, CEO, Guidance Aviation states, “This is an important milestone not only for Yavapai College and Guidance Aviation, but also for Prescott and the State of Arizona. This Turbine Transition Program at Guidance Aviation is the very first turbine helicopter dedicated to a collegiate program in the state of Arizona.

Additionally, this jet powered helicopter is the type of aircraft that most students will be flying in industry once they graduate and begin their careers.  The R66  helicopter’s Rolls Royce turbine power plant provides increased reserved power and improved altitude performance.

Yavapai College and Guidance Aviation are very proud to share this development with the community.”

Guidance Aviation is the first FAA Part 141 High Altitude Helicopter flight training facility in the U.S., specializing in helicopter and airplane flight training.  The Yavapai College Professional Pilot Program, Helicopters, is VA Approved, Chapter 33 benefits for veteran helicopter flight training.

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