You’re A New Private Pilot… Now What?


If you’re like most of us, you’ll probably work your tail off (and have a great time) earning your Private Pilot License. It’s a challenging task and there’s nothing quite like it in the world. But once you’ve taken your checkride and have your license, what next?

We’ve got some ideas on what to do next, and you can find them in our latest article, Learning To Fly: You’re A Private Pilot, Now What? Here’s a sample of what we recommend. Be sure to read the whole article (link below).

As much information as there is available to student pilots during training, it can seem like once you get your private pilot certificate you’re on your own. During training there’s a plan;you’ve got to get x,y, and z done so you can pass your exam. You’re not alone if you reached the summit and you found yourself asking, “Now what?”

Our list should keep you occupied for at least a few years, but if you run out of ideas, join a local pilot club and see what they have to offer. Whatever you do, stay active and keep learning… read more >>

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