Frequently Asked Questions regarding Free Listings

Thanks for adding your free listings! If your questions are not answered here, please email us at the address below!

When I fill out the Add-Your-School form, does the new information update or replace my existing Free Listing? The information you provide on the form will replace your existing listing. Now's the chance to update your info.

Can I add multiple locations? Yes! If you do not see one or more of your locations on our website at, go ahead and add each location here. You'll need to submit the form for each location. To receive a description of your services, you only need to add our link code to your website once. Please note, for multiple locations, you will receive one email for each location periodically to make updates.

Can I "deep link" your links? Yes! On the form, feel free to specify whatever URL you like. This way you can help build authority for a specific page on your site.

How long will it take for my enhanced listing to go live? We check often and usually your links will be live within hours, if not minutes. If you don't see your enhanced listing live within a day, please email us.

What happens if I hit the submit button before I get the link(s) added to my site? While it's better to add our links to your site first, it won't hurt anything if you accidentally hit submit before you're ready. Just add the links and we'll check to make sure they're live. When we see our links live on your site, we'll make your free listing or updates live.

If you have questions or need more information please email us at