During the normal operation of a helicopter, all pilots must be fully aware of potential hazards that could arise during flight.

The best way to ensure your safety and the safety of those onboard is to thoroughly internalize your training. By training at a top-notch flight training academy, you can be sure that your training will cover all of the necessary steps to avoid easy to fall into traps.

Inevitably, there are unknown variables that all pilots must be prepared to deal with, but the fact is that pilots that are well trained are prepared for anything when they takeoff. Preparedness means planning ahead when possible, and knowing how to react when necessary.

Training for Hazards is One of the Hallmarks of Good Helicopter Pilots

There are some common hazards that should be easy to avoid in most cases with good planning in advance. For instance, brownouts remain a constant threat for pilots who do not have a plan for where they will land their helicopter.

If you are forced to land in a dusty location and you don’t have specialized imaging equipment such as see-and-remember or other augmented landing visibility equipment, you are entering into a danger zone.

Brownouts occur when the rotor kicks up dust, dirt, debris or snow around the landing site, eliminating the pilot’s visibility. Simple good planning can counteract this mistake.

Additionally, tree and cable strikes and loss of situational awareness can be easily corrected with an equal balance of vigilant attention and adequate preparation.

Modern Helicopter Aviation is Safe for Pilots and Passengers

Simple steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all involved. But that’s all they are: simple steps, that any good pilot will follow.

Helicopter pilots who complete their training at Upper Limit Aviation will be more than well prepared. We have a reputation for training above and beyond the minimum requirements because we resent the implication that anyone should have the minimum amount of skill required.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and our students reflect that by obtaining some of the best careers in the industry.

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