There has never been a time quite like this before within the helicopter aviation industry.

The sheer number of opportunities for great careers available to qualified helicopter pilots is astonishing when measured against what pilots a few decades ago could expect.

The good news is that all of this growth is expected to continue, according to industry analysts, due to the changing infrastructure needs of many companies operating both domestically and abroad.

There are helicopter career choices available to pilots interested in working in nearly all segments of the aviation industry.

Offshore Oil and Gas Support Helicopter Careers

Offshore oil and gas support has emerged as a reliable sector of particularly robust growth for pilots seeking interesting helicopter careers.

Oil and gas exploration has increased dramatically both at home and in countries far away. Whether you would prefer to work in the Gulf of Mexico or the Persian Gulf, China or South America, there are many options for those seeking offshore oil and gas support helicopter careers.

Offshore Oil and Gas Support Helicopter Careers Start With Good Training

We believe that we offer flight training to tomorrow’s pilots that can give them the knowledge and experience they need in order to get off to a sure start towards working within the career of their dreams.

We train our pilots comprehensively, exhaustively covering all of the details necessary to perform in a huge range of job descriptions. We have a reputation for thoroughness and excellence that we believe is well-earned.

We think that our helicopter pilot graduates, currently enjoying a 100% employment rate, would surely agree.

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