One of the reasons that so many students feel confident about committing to professional pilot training these days is that there are seemingly endless career possibilities available to new pilots. You’ve probably read about the ongoing hiring boom that’s taking place in the aviation industry.

Industry insiders say that the hiring boom is likely to last at least five years, but what they’re not telling you is that there is no actual end in sight. Five years is just the most reasonable number to cut off the forecast at. The world is changing and the way that business is getting done is getting faster.

While much of the way that industries do business has gone online, an increasingly networked world has also led to a need for more pilots and more aircraft. Manufacturers are reporting that new aircraft orders are significantly up over previous years and that future orders are looking equally or more promising.

Some of the Career Possibilities Available to Professional Pilots

There are many career options available to well-trained pilots. If you are a fixed-wing pilot some obvious career choices might include the decision to become a commercial airline pilot. This is sort of the classic career choice for many students, though it’s certainly not the only one. You could become a cargo delivery pilot.

Because while e-mail may slowly be replacing the letter, it’s still necessary to ship large parcels. Pipeline inspection is another choice for those considering emerging careers. While pipeline inspection has been around for a while, the US has recently been making large strides towards energy independence and so pipeline inspection has seen a big boost.

For helicopter pilots, there are staple careers such as becoming a flight instructor, but many pilots find airborne law enforcement (ALE) work to be exciting, and then there are things like firefighting helicopter pilots and EMS air ambulance pilots that also have exciting careers.

And while you don’t immediately think of stunts when you think of helicopters, you certainly don’t need to limit your imagination that way when you’re thinking of helicopter careers. Chuck Aaron is the only FAA-certified aerobatics helicopter pilot. When it comes to aviation, pursuing your dream career is often just a matter of how much work you’re willing to put in.

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