Seaplane rating training, some of the simplest and most-enjoyable flight training, is a great way to build flight hours and add a little variety to your training. It is a cost-effective way to experience beautiful places and it has lots of benefits for pilots of any level, from the average private pilot to the most experienced airline pilot.

A Seaplane Rating is Great for Anyone

A relatively small commitment of time and money opens up a world of fun and excitement that will invigorate your flying. Scenic mountain vistas and beautiful lakes play host to your adventure, while you learn skills that will give you access to remote areas for some fishing and hunting or, if that's not your thing, a quick commute to your lake house, where you can taxi right up to the dock. Seaplane flying has something to offer everyone. Even if you never fly seaplanes again, the stick and rudder skills you will learn will improve your handling of any aircraft.

A Seaplane Rating Doesn't Take Long

The amount of time seaplane rating training requires is widely varied depending on your background, but there are many reputable schools that offer a 5-hour add-on rating course that can be completed in a long weekend. While this is typically adequate for most pilots, you may find you enjoy flying floats enough to take a few more days. Many schools offer more advanced courses, such as mountain flying and bush flying, that will enhance your flying and extend the adventure.

A Seaplane Rating Opens Up a World of Possibilities

Seaplane rating training is an option for pilots of any level, airline pilots to student pilots, that adds plenty of variety to your flying. When virtually any sizable water surface becomes a landing area, you have variety no other rating or certificate can match.

After you complete your training, even the most rugged, untouched wilderness is accessible to you via a seaplane. In fact, some of the most remote areas of the country, the kinds of places that are months hike away from civilization, are almost convenient with a seaplane. With almost 20,000 airports and millions of lakes and rivers across the US, a seaplane rating provides almost endless possibilities.

Considering the costs of seaplane rating training and its benefits, it is easy to see why it is such a popular way for pilots to build time and have a little fun. What isn't so easy, with the sheer variety of exciting places to find seaplane flight training, is deciding on a place to complete your seaplane rating.

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