One of the fastest-growing fields in the aviation industry is avionics technicians. A feat that is unmatched in numerous other industries, some schools even have 100% job placement rates for trainees. The bottom line is that more avionics technicians are a necessary part of modern aircraft maintenance and, right now, there has never been a wider range of training options available for breaking into this hot field.

Avionics Technicians are a Vital Part of Modern Aircraft Maintenance

Even the smallest aircraft these days are sporting avionics that wasn't available in some of the largest, most-advanced aircraft of yesteryear. With a large market of retrofit glass panels available even the oldest aircraft are starting to require attention from a qualified avionics technician.

With these trends in modern aircraft and as the airlines purchase even more advanced aircraft, avionics technician training will become a prized asset at any level of the aircraft maintenance shop, from the tiny one-man shop to the huge airline depots.

Avionics Technician Training Programs are Widely Available

In the past, most avionics technician training took place in the military. Even now, many avionics technicians get their start in the military, after all, some of the most technologically advanced aircraft are in service with the military.

The good news is that, even for those coming from military avionics backgrounds, there are many schools throughout the US offering training and even more maintenance shops looking for the qualified trainees these programs are churning out.

Avionics Technician Training Will Make You a Better A&P

If you're already an A&P mechanic, one of the best ways to increase your marketability, expand your job prospects, and probably expand your income is to add an avionics technician to your aviation tool belt. In fact, if you're looking to move into an airline job, getting avionics technician training is a great way to get a leg up and airlines to require all their maintenance technicians to have their A&P certificate anyway.

In the same vein, even if you're only looking to get into maintaining the general aviation fleet, avionics training is a great addition to your skill-set considering the increasingly complex avionics available today.

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