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Flexjet Sends Signals That Aviation Industry Recovery Is For Real

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Yet Another Reminder That the Recession is Over for the Aviation Industry — Growth!

One of the surest signs that the aviation industry is back in full swing is to take a quick look at how the private charter business is doing. Corporate jet travel is usually one of the first areas where you’ll notice a downturn in the economy, as executives adopt belt tightening measures to lower expenses. That trend usually trickles down to the rest of the aviation industry, as fuel costs usually rise and demand decreases, creating a mixture of factors that indicate industry-wide uncertainty.

learjet part of flexjet order future pilotsWell, thankfully, the opposite is also true. When things are good for private charter carriers, things are typically good for the rest of us as well. So I guess it’s good news then to hear that a group of investors is taking control of Flexjet and making it its own entity, separate from parent company Bombardier, and their first act of business is to order somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.2 billion dollars worth of aircraft.

The initial $1.8 billion is going toward a total of 85 jets, including 20 Challenger 350s, 10 Challenger 605s, 25 Learjet 75s and 30 of the upcoming Learjet 85s. The remainder of the deal sees Flexjet acquiring a further 160 jets.

This is some of the best news that pilots will have heard recently. The corporate flying world is an enticing business for professional airplane pilots to get into. With a market that looks to expand indefinitely, plenty of jobs to be filled, and emerging evidence of ample global opportunities, now is the time to get your foot in the door.

If you’ve ever considered training to become a professional airplane pilot, now might be the time to follow through on those thoughts. The forecast is for sustained growth, but getting in on the ground floor is never a bad idea when it comes to opportunities like this.

With deliveries expected starting around Q4 of 2014, time really is of the essence.

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Sometimes You See Something That Makes You Fall In Love With Flying All Over Again

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The New Wolfe Air Reel Is a Thing of Incredible Wonder and Beauty

Wolfe Air Reel is a company that we had not heard of before, but from now on we will be following their exploits. They are apparent leaders in the field of aviation cinematography and WOW! You have got to watch this video!

Words cannot describe the feeling I had while watching this! If this doesn’t make you want to be a pilot, nothing will.

Do you remember the first time you really wanted to become a pilot, or, probably even further back, the first time you were just absolutely enchanted by the incredible magic of flight? This video could be that moment for a generation of future pilots. It’s that amazing. This video is pretty much every single moment that anyone ever had like that 100% distilled into a rewatchable experience.

The epic music amplifies what are some of the most intense and unbelievable aerial shots ever captured. There’s a ‘the good guys are going to win against all odds’ vibe to the cinematography as well.

The truth is: I am so frustrated to not be flying in a plane right now!

Being a Professional Airplane Pilot Is The Best Job Ever

Pilots really are lucky. The fact that flying is ‘work’ is basically the most ridiculous and amazing thing that has ever happened to anyone. There’s no other job that offers the same pleasure. In a world where you could easily wind up stuck in an office (and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not for me), pilots really have to count their blessings.

OK so the basic idea behind these posts is to expose you guys to some of the coolest and most interesting information about the world of aviation, as well as to generate interest in potential recruits to come and study at Upper Limit Aviation, which we think is the best place for you to begin your flying career. Well, we should probably just drive from town to town — wait, what am I talking about — FLY from town to town and just show this video on the largest available outdoor wall we can find. Boom. I predict new recruits everywhere we go.

But wait! ‘How did they even get all this incredible footage?’, you may be asking yourself.

Mike Kelly is a writer for photography site Fstoppers and has got the inside scoop about how the crew modified a learjet to get these gorgeous shots. We’ll let him explain:

They’ve custom built and installed camera pods that are affixed to the nose, belly, or wings of the plane as necessary. These house cameras on a gimbal and gyroscopic system. The gimbal allows the camera to rotate unimpeded, and can track objects as they pass in front, behind, or beside the plane. The gyros are one of the most critical components of this system…They’ll fight as hard as they can to keepthe camera in the same place using a system of rapidly spinning flywheels.

Just think, the guy flying the plane that captured this footage was working. That’s his job. As in, you could get a job like that if you became a pilot. Yes, it will be hard work. But 99.9999% of the best things all require hard work.

OK. Let’s get real. If you’re not already enrolled in fixed-wing flight training, now is the time to seal the deal. There is an incredible future awaiting those who follow their dreams. The work is rewarding and the industry is growing! Call 1-855-HELIEDU.

Signs of a Coming Hiring Boom in Asia for Helicopter Pilots

Monday, September 16th, 2013

What Should Professional Helicopter Pilots Do When Opportunity Comes Knocking?

We’ve been calling it for a while now, along with most of the rest of the soothsayers in our industry, but Asia is looking to be the Wild Wild West in terms of opportunities for professional helicopter pilots, pretty much any day now.

News recently arrived that Henan New Continental Business Aviation recently acquired the first EC145s to be obtained anywhere in Asia. The China based charter company plans to launch its business with the two custom designed Mercedes-Benz style helos for VIP corporate transport operations.

China’s burgeoning private and business transport market is making room for several helicopter operators to get their feet planted in an untapped market. VIP transport is a relatively new concept to the rapidly modernizing private market in China.

Henan is poised to be the first of an emerging group of private companies operating a fleet of corporate and charter transport service helicopters.

helicopter order china changes industryIn addition to the EC145s, they’ll also be acquiring an AS350, which followers of Upper Limit Aviation will know that we recently acquired for training at our Cedar City SUU campus.

Pilots Are Taking Advantage of Helicopter Aviation Industry Changes

The reason we’re reporting on this is because we want the global helicopter community to be aware that pilots and soon-to-be-pilot students who are considering where they should look for a career might consider making a radical change of location. We know it sounds kind of crazy, but what can we say? The opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be a massive segment of the aviation industry is kind of a crazy possibility.

There’s plenty of incredible opportunities available at home, but it’s possible that a life changing choice like looking for work on a continent where there are very few trained pilots, where demand looks set to outpace growth anywhere else in the world, would sort of make its own case… Particularly for pilots who have yet to settle down with a family here in the States.

We’re not saying it’s the only opportunity out there, but if we were fresh out of training, it might be hard to make a case that there would be a more exciting place to be a professional helicopter pilot today.