Thousands of Airline Pilots Jobs Worldwide

As Asia’s demand for air travel grows, so does its need for pilots.  With the purchase hundreds of new commercial aircraft, Asia’s demand for new pilots is so great, they are looking for experienced U.S. Pilots to fill the gap.  And, Asia is willing to pay them in upwards of $200,000 per year.

According to the report by CNN, Asia predicts a shortage of 9,000 pilots per year through the year 2030.  There are a number of reasons for such a drastic shortage.  First, it takes about two years to simply start a flight school in Asia.  That problem is compounded by the fact that there are only twelve (12) flight schools in Asia where there are 240 million people.  Additionally, if you add in the amount of time it takes to become a qualified commercial pilot, with experience, you can begin to see why Asia is looking to the U.S. for experienced pilots.

But what does this mean for the younger U.S. pilots who want jobs with a U.S. carriers?  It means jobs opening may increase over time as some of the more experienced pilots opt for going the Asian route.  Good news for everybody who wants to be a pilot.

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