AMT Prep School Offers New Program

Carolina AeronauticalCarolina Aeronautical of Simpsonville, North Carolina, one of the top aircraft mechanic schools in the country, recently announced the addition of a new course to its comprehensive educational programs. The new Aircraft Systems Familiarization course will offer students a hands-on introduction to the unique intricacies involved in cutting-edge electrical systems within the latest models of aircraft.

Taught by industry-leading instructors over a four-week period, this course is designed for those students who already have some experience in the field, whether in a military or civilian capacity and includes access to study materials, manuals, course software and the cost for taking the final exam.

A&P schools across the country are receiving a large upswing in demand for courses in recent years as a result of renewed interest within this competitive field. Thousands of students from around the U.S. and across the globe have received their training with Carolina Aeronautical and have since entered their chosen fields of study. And the school’s ability to produce highly-trained graduates has been recognized by the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association and the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, with whom they have professional training associations.

Those interested in learning more about the school’s exceptional new Aircraft Systems Familiarization course are asked to contact  Carolina Aeronautical school administrators as soon as possible in order to secure the place.

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