Are you about ready to quit your flight training?

Well, before you do anything rash…read this.

I receive emails from frustrated student pilots that are getting ready to stop flight training.  From bright young people with a dream of flying for the airlines to intelligent professionals with PhDs in their 50s….they even start questioning their own intellect.  In fact, I was one of those student pilots once upon a time.

I knew I was smart (I had already graduated with an Aerospace Engineering degree), but I saw other student pilots, who were, what I considered at the time, a bit less gifted than I in the intellect department, trucking right on by me in their flight training.  I couldn’t understand it…what was I doing wrong?

Looking back, I know exactly what happened: lack of guidance.  When I started my flight training, I was completely in the dark about what it took to become a pilot.  Most, if not all, of the students in my class knew someone else who was a pilot.  They had a parent, an uncle, a roommate or someone they knew who either flew professionally, was a CFI, or was a private pilot.

If you ever start questioning yourself – STOP IT!  You can complete your flight training with just a bit more guidance.  Your flight instructor is there to teach you, but sometimes he/she may not be able, for whatever reason, to guide you.

A huge pilot community that will be more than willing to help is at your fingertips, thanks to the Internet.  Just search for pilot forums or any of the other websites, such as this one, with a mission to keep general aviation alive and provide a steady supply of pilots for the aviation industry.

Additionally, if you were born in any other country, you would probably not even have the option to learn to fly.  The price of flight training is absolutely exorbitant in other countries or not available to the general population.  Here in the North America, we enjoy a freedom that is unparalleled elsewhere and you should take advantage of it.

Have fun, and don’t despair.  An encouraging word is right around the corner.

Article Author:  Ruth Morlas is currently a corporate pilot who runs a blog helping people reach their dreams of becoming a pilot.  You can find her website here:

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