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ATP (Airline Transport Professionals) recently launched its new website which promises to help pilots find airline jobs and airlines find pilots. The new service is available to all pilots at no charge and is available now at

ATP’s new service is unique in the industry because instead of including only pilots who may already have all of the required prerequisites for an airline job, keeps track of a pilot’s progress and notifies potential employers automatically when a pilot makes a significant achievement like earning a type rating, for example. Pilots seeking jobs are encouraged to add their profiles to the site and to continually update their experience information as new licences, ratings, and endorsements are earned. chartATP says one of the advantages to using is that pilots “gain the advantage of establishing a relationship with their target employers as they work toward meeting hiring minimums”.

According to an ATP press release, “With concerns of hiring shortages, solutions for finding good quality pilot candidates are needed. Many airlines are unable to  see candidates until they have met hiring minimums and send in their resume which delays finding eligible pilots and prohibits a forward-looking hiring process. pilots can be viewed and their progress tracked by airline recruiters, simultaneously allowing recruiters to solve for future supply and demand constraints.”

“ includes a proprietary tracking program of flight times of pilots, giving airlines accurate projections of when pilots will meet minimums and be eligible for airline new-hire classes.  Many recruiters find that data in their files of potential candidates is outdated and misrepresents the real status of pilots seeking employment. Pilot pool gets airlines access to the most relevant pilot profiles for recruitment and relationship-building so airlines can meet their hiring needs over a longer term time horizon.  Along with this, ATP provides partner airlines with a dedicated representative to assist with workflow integration.  Partner airlines who use can be assured that the information they are receiving about candidates through is up-to-date.”

“Today ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program prepares pilots for airline careers with nationwide flying experience in multi-engine aircraft. In partnership with the leading regional and national airlines, ATP offers its students an airline-sponsored career track from zero time to 1500 hours, with CFI job placement and airline employment. ATP flies over 9,000 hours to provide more than 350 FAA pilot certificates every month across 28 locations nationwide.”

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