Best Time in History for Careers In Aviation =

[Pilot Shortage + Airlines Purchasing Record Number of Aircraft + FAA Hiring 10,000 + Mechanics Needed]

This is the best time in history for careers in aviation.  The math is simple.  With pilot shortages hitting the U.S., Airlines purchasing record numbers of aircraft, and the FAA hiringbecome a pilot air traffic controller airplane mechanic careers in aviation 10,000 air traffic controllers over the next ten years, there’s no doubt that something is in the air. That something could be your future.  Go to,
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Pilot Shortage in U.S.
Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the news.  As recently reported in Wall Street Journal Online, there is a Pilot Shortage in the U.S. and it is hitting faster and harder than expected.  “The anticipated shortfall of U.S. airline pilots is coming to fruition earlier and more dramatically than expected because of a mix of mass retirements, the FAA’s new rest rules and sharply higher training requirements for beginner pilots.” [Source:]

Airlines Purchasing Record Number of Aircraft
Meanwhile, Airlines are purchasing record numbers of aircraft.  As reported in the Dallas News Business Section, “Airlines are onbecome a pilot air traffic controller airplane mechanic the largest jet-buying spree in the history of aviation, ordering more than 8,200 new planes with manufacturers Airbus SAS and The Boeing Co. in the past five years. There are now a combined 24 planes rolling off assembly lines each week, up from 11 a decade ago.  And that rate is expected to keep climbing. [Source: ]

FAA Hiring 10,000 Air Traffic Controller Over The Next 10 Years
The Federal Aviation Administration ( has announced that it will be hiring 10,000air traffic controller Air Traffic Controllers over the next 10 years, with 6,000 of those to be hired in the next 5 years!  Do you know how much an Air Traffic Controller makes?  According to a recent article in AVWeb, “According to the latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics published last month, the median air traffic controller salary was $122,530 in May 2012, with 10 percent earning more than $171,340 and 10 percent less than $64,930″.
[Source: ]

The Need for More Pilots, More Aircraft, and More Controllers, Also Means More Aircraft Mechanics
More pilots flying more planes means more things need to maintained and repaired.  It’s that simple.  So, it is also a fantastic timeaircraft mechanic to become an aircraft maintenance technician or Airframe and Powerplant Tech (A&P) – especially if you like to work with your hands!According to, the average Aircraft Mechanic (Jets) earns $75,970 per year! [Source: }

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