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student pilot and instructorAre you ready now to get your pilots license? Don’t want to wait months or years? Are you from another country, or state where weather, fuel costs, and availability make it difficult and expensive to get your license in a timely manner? If this sounds like you situation, then First Landings Aviation’s all inclusive, accelerated pilot training program may be a good choice. The U.S. military has been using immersion training for years with great success. Come to Florida where the weather is almost always flyable. Fly 2-3 hours per day with a dedicated aircraft and instructor. Stay at one of the many local hotels. Leave with your license, ready to fly.

Why Accelerated Training Vs. Self-Paced Flight Instruction?

Advantages to accelerated training are:

  • You can be done in a short period of time.
  • The short time span and focused training eliminates “rust” and the need to “relearn”… things that may happen if you have long layoffs between flights in a self-paced program. The more often you fly, the better and more confident you are.
  • If you live in a country where it’s difficult to find safe, certified, high quality instruction, come and fly with us, and have your license in no time at all. You can literally save weeks, months, or even years in training as well as a tremendous amount of money.

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