Flight Training – Piper’s “Ready, Set, Fly” Program Targets New Owners

Piper Archer LX

Flight training is now included with the purchase of a Piper Archer LX - photo copyright Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Piper Aircraft Inc. is offering primary flight training with their new “Ready, Set, Fly” program to new owners of the Archer LX aircraft. The program is designed to teach new owners how to fly in an extensive three-week course. Piper Aircraft believes the program will promote the growth of general aviation by encouraging more people to become pilots. Piper announced the “Ready, Set, Fly” program at the Sun ‘n’ Fun International Fly-in & Expo in Lakeland, Florida this week.

According to Piper Aircraft vice president Randy Groom, this revolutionary new pilot training program will solve several common detractors to successfully learning how to fly an aircraft such as a lack of convenience, concerns about the quality of instruction available at many flight schools, and scheduling conflicts that hinder student pilot progress. The convenience issue is one of particular concern, and one that Piper is prepared to meet head-on. The standardized pilot training offered as part of the “Ready, Set, Fly” program is part of a short yet concentrated three-week course overseen by a professional instructor. By learning to fly in their own aircraft, owners become more familiar and comfortable which could also yield a long term safety benefit. The program also solves the problem of subpar equipment found at some flight schools.

This custom program was created specifically with the Archer LX in mind, and is intended to be a means to introduce prospective pilots to aviation. It further illustrates Piper’s commitment to the aviation industry, particularly to the light aircraft segment.

The Archer LX is a single-engine aircraft with a Lycoming 0-360-A4M, 180 hp engine that is capable of flying at speeds up to 147 mph (237 km/h) with a range of up to 522 nautical miles (966 km). A new, Garmin G500-equipped model costs $309,900. If an already qualified pilot purchases an Archer LX, they can apply their training time in the program toward a different FAA certification. Qualified and prospective pilots who purchase one of these new aircraft can also elect to conduct their pilot training at a different facility of their choice if they feel that Piper’s program is not for them.

Source: http://www.piper.com/pages/PiperOffersArcherLxReadySetFlyTrainingProgram_03292011.cfm

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