Flight Training Tips – Handling Ear Pressure Emergencies

Pilots and ear pressure problems

Are you ready for an ear pressure emergency?

Imagine yourself on a long flight at 10,500 feet. As you near your destination, you pull the power a little, point the nose down, and start an 800 foot per minute descent. About a minute later, you notice you’re having trouble “popping” your ears.

As the descent continues, you’re ears are now feeling uncomfortable, and starting to hurt, despite your best efforts to clear them. Finally, after a minute or two more, you’re in severe pain, your ears won’t pop, and you’re getting close to your arrival airport.

What do you do next?

In the first of our aero-medical articles, contributor Anya Clowers, RN gives you an in-depth look at what’s going on in your ears and offers several options for trying to keep you comfortable in the event you or your passengers end up in pain during a descent. This is information every pilot needs to know.

Read the full article here – Flight Training Aeromedical Issues – Managing Changes in Ear Pressure

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