How Seniority Affects An Airline Pilot’s Daily Life

Airline pilots preparing for takeoff

How important is airline pilot seniority to your career... you may be shocked.

Airbus A320 captain and frequent contributor Michael Moore shares some of the stark realities of airline pilot seniority. If you’re considering pursuing an airline pilot career, this article is a must-read.

“When” you get hired by an airline is almost as important as which airline, and the bottom line for any aspiring pilot is “the sooner you start pilot training, the better”.

Here’s a quick preview of Captain Moore’s latest contribution with links to the full article…

If you were to ask an airline pilot what one factor affects his or her daily life the most, they would most likely say “seniority”. ┬áThis is because where you fall on a pilot seniority list dictates what aircraft you fly, your pay rate, and even when you are able to take vacation.

There are three different types of seniority.
  • Relative Seniority
  • Captain or First Officer Seniority
  • Aircraft Seniority

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