IFR Training – New ViBAN Visor Gets Good Grades

ViBAN_in_useIf you’re planning on earning your instrument rating, you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time “under the hood” using a view limiting device to prevent you from seeing the world outside the cockpit. Unsatisfied with the current line-up of available view limiting devices for IFR training, the guys at ViBAN decided to come up with a better way to block the view through the cockpit windows.

The ViBAN visor, according to the company website, weighs just once ounce, is made of tough scratch-resistant material, and won’t cause that temporary white out effect when turning into the sun. The visor is all black and ViBAN claims the color is neutral and won’t irritate your eyes.

ViBANPlane&Pilot Magazine contributing editor Marc C. Lee recently earned his instrument rating and used the ViBAN… “First off, the ViBAN was the most comfortable visor of all of them. You know, I was flying 6, 7 hours a day, every day, and there is no WAY you could do that with most of the other visors. They either dug into your head, your temples, or the bridge of your nose. The ViBAN was feather light. To me that was it’s biggest strength. I also like the little velcro strips so you could customize the field of vision. Different seating positions and different aircraft have different fields of vision, so that little extra blocking material makes it so you can move it to other aircraft.And, of course, the color was great because it doesn’t distract your eyes. On a side note, I really liked the cloth strap to hold the visor on your head. It makes it super easy to flip it up above your eyes without doing a bunch of extra movements. All in all the best part of the ViBAN is that you just don’t notice it, and that’s the best compliment for an IFR visor. Plus it was super compact.”

The ViBan costs $39.95 and includes a 30-day money back guarantee, free USPS shipping, and a hard shell carrying case. For more info check out the ViBAN website here: http://www.viban.com/.



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