Instrument Rating Flight Training: Why Learn to Fly IFR?

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Whether you’re considering a professional pilot career or you just enjoy flying as a hobby, instrument rating flight training offers numerous benefits. For the future pro pilots it is pretty much a given, but for the hobbyists among us we’d like to offer a few reasons to learn to fly IFR.

In our new article Instrument Rating Flight Training: Three Reasons to Learn to Fly IFR we discuss the big reasons learning to fly on instruments is a great idea no matter your plans, including lower insurance premiums. The following is just a sample of the article, click through to read it all:

Perhaps you’re not thinking about it right this moment, but at some point in the future, you may decide to get a commercial pilot certificate. That doesn’t mean you have to run off to the airlines. There are many commercial pilots that never really get paid to fly, but it is nice to have the option. Maybe your company has a nice aircraft that you’d like to spend some time in or you’d occasionally like to take on a paying passenger–whatever the case, although it’s not required, you’re going to want an instrument rating to go along with your commercial pilot certificate. If you wait until then to get instrument rated, you’re going to have a lot of training to do. Instead, reap the benefits of learning precise flying early and you can sail through commercial pilot training when you need it…read more >>

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