Instrument Rating Training: Selecting the Right School

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If you’re considering instrument rating training, selecting the right program is essential to your success. Before you commit, there are several questions you should ask that will help you not only find the best instrument rating course, but also ensure you gain the skills and knowledge you require during your training.

In our new article Instrument Rating Training: Three Questions to Ask we discuss three questions that you must answer in order to find the best instrument rating training for you, such as what type aircraft you will fly and whether the school allows flight in actual IMC. Here’s a sample of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

Another thing to ask is whether you will do any flights at night. Night flying is a required element of the private pilot test standards, but it is not required for an instrument rating. This is unfortunate, because as you may know, it is quite different from flying during the day. You never know when you might need to fly on instruments at night and having the added security of a flight instructor while you learn is much preferable to learning it on your own when you get caught out after dark.

Finding the answer to these three questions should provide you with all the information you need to find a great instrument rating training program that will serve you well. A good program that offers the right aircraft, provides for currency by allowing you to fly into real IMC and offers night instrument training will provide you with a very solid foundation of instrument flying skills…read more >>

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