Multi Engine Time Building: Why Build Time in a Multi-Engine Aircraft?

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If you’re seeking a career as a professional pilot and you need to build time, we’ve got a collection of good reasons to consider multi-engine time building programs that will help make you more attractive to the airlines.

In our new article Multi Engine Time Building: Three Reasons to Build Time in a Multi-Engine Aircraft, we offer three reasons to pursue a multi-engine time building course, including less competition for aircraft. The following is just a sample of the article, but be sure to click through to read it all:

Furthermore, if you’re beating a path toward an airline career, a multi-engine time building course could be the difference between getting the job and not. Since the overwhelming majority of airliners are multi-engine, airlines typically show preference to candidates with lots of multi-engine experience.

So, if your future is flying for the airlines or you just need a few extra hours, consider harnessing the added complexity, increased availability, and hiring preference you’ll enjoy as a result of your multi-engine time building course…read more >>

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