National Center for Aviation Training Opens in Wichita

The new training center in Wichita will create opportunities for new aviation workers.

Wichita’s Colonel James Jabara Airport is now home to a 230,000 square-foot aviation training and research facility. The National Center for Aviation Training will provide aviation training and research new technologies.

According to National Institute for Aviation Research executive director John Tomblin, the combination of training and research will create a unique and innovative facility that will benefit companies by boosting production times for new technologies. Considering the list of partner organizations, the center will provide an incredible boost to students. Funded by Sedgwick County, the center has established ties with aviation companies like Cessna, Bombardier Learjet, and Hawker Beechcraft as well as several educational institutions like Wichita Area Technical College.

The facility, constructed over the last two years at a cost of $52 million dollars, consists of almost 50 classrooms and lab spaces. As of this fall, the facility is now open offering training for up to 1,500 students in 37 certification and degree programs.

“This training campus is a commitment from the Wichita community to the aviation industry,” said Vicki Pratt Gerbino, president of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition. “The entire initiative from concept to design to curriculum is the result of Wichita’s aviation leaders working together and closely with public partners. The result is a training center designed so every detail is focused on meeting industry needs to advance our aviation companies.”

The aviation industry is an industry characterized by rapidly developing technology. Home to several large aviation companies, Wichita is as close to a capital of aviation in the US as you can get. With so much of their economy depending on aviation, it makes sense to create a cutting edge training center in Wichita. The success of this training center is virtually assured and in a time of economic unrest, this is excellent news for current and future aviation industry workers looking to expand their skill sets in search of better jobs.

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Sources: Aviation training center opens in Wichita
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