What Are You Waiting For? – Over 450,000 New Airline Pilot Jobs

airline pilot hiring boom - 777

Will you be ready for the upcoming airline pilot hiring boom? – Photo courtesy of Brandon Farris

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start your airline pilot career, wait no more. According to Boeing, the world’s airlines, both in established and emerging markets, will require over 450,000 new commercial pilots to fly the aircraft currently on order with the major manufacturers. Here’s the company’s breakdown of where those airline jobs will be based:

  • Europe – 92,000+
  • Asia Pacific – 183,000+
  • China – 72,000+
  • North America – 82,000+
  • Latin America – 41,000+
  • Middle East – 36,000+
  • Africa – 14,000+
  • Russia/CIS 9,800+

In the airline business, seniority is everything. The sooner you start, the more seniority you’ll earn.

Here’s a great place to start… Check out our Flight School Listings and contact each school you’re interested in for specifics.

Good luck!

source: http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/in-focus-can-pilot-training-keep-pace-with-demand-367291/

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