Paying for Flight Training: Financing your Flight Training Dream

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For most, one of the more complicated aspects of learning to fly is paying for flight training. While securing stable funding is certainly not beyond the common person, it can be easy to get carried away and run your wallet dry. Fortunately, even those with the tightest budgets can leverage some of the great financing options available to ensure their flight training continues uninterrupted.

In our new article Paying for Flight Training: Three Ways To Finance your Dream, we discuss three ways to make your dream of learning to fly a reality through financing, including taking advantage of the financing department at some large flight schools. The following is a sample of the article, click through to read the whole thing:

A final option for many, but no less useful is credit cards. Depending on your APR, this may be the best option available for many short terms. For some it may be the only option. Certainly don’t take this to mean you should charge an entire $50,000 dollars commercial pilot program in one go, but for smaller expenses, such as a single certificate or rating course, a credit card can mean the difference between being able to continue your training without interruption and being forced to stop.

The most important thing to remember, regardless of the financing options available, is to consider all the options available to you before committing yourself to one option. Financing is an important tool in paying for flight training, but it isn’t without risk. Once you know all the available options, it becomes much easier to find the one with the most benefits, whether credit cards or a training loan, to finance your flight training…read more >>

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