Pilot Shortage Hits The U.S. – No Better Time To Become A Pilot

There is a Pilot Shortage in the U.S. and it is hitting faster and harder than expected. As reported in Wall Street Journal Online, “Thebecome a pilot shortage us anticipated shortfall of U.S. airline pilots is coming to fruition earlier and more dramatically than expected because of a mix of mass retirements, the FAA’s new rest rules and sharply higher training requirements for beginner pilots.” [Source: http://on.wsj.com/1etw1by]

New FAA Rules To Become a Pilot

Specifically, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recently raised the minimum requirement for the number of hours of flight experience from 250 to 1,500 hours time logged for commercial airline pilots.  Add to this an increase in the number of pilots retiring due to an aging pilot population AND the international demand for pilots where countries like China are recruiting senior pilots in the U.S. to meet the growing Chinese pilot demands overseas, and you have a “Perfect Storm” for pilot demand in the United States.

Resources and Schools To Become A Pilot

It is clear there is no better time to become a pilot.  Aviation Schools Online maintains a comprehensive directory of over 2,500pilot shortage us aviation schools throughout the United States and overseas.  Check out the following quick links to start your career as a pilot:

Increased demand for pilots in the U.S. also means an increased demand for aviation professionals in Aviation Operations and Management (Airport Mgmt, Air Traffic Control) as well as Aviation Technicians and Mechanics (A&P techs).  Check out schools for these aviation careers below:

For more info, go to our Home Page and explore over 2,500 Aviation Schools and start your Career as a Professional Pilot!

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