Reasons Pilots Should Pursue an Associates Degree

Why Professional Pilots Should Pursue An Associate Degree

Reasons Pilots Should Pursue an Associates DegreeThere are many reasons why Upper Limit Aviation feels that professional pilot students will benefit from earning an associate degree while concurrently enrolled in our program and one of our partner schools. Today’s job market is ultra-competitive. We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer what we feel is the best flight training our students can obtain, but that doesn’t mean that we feel our excellent caliber of training cannot be greatly enhanced by the attainment of other qualifications, such as an associate degree. Upper Limit Aviation wants our professional pilot students to achieve the best success possible throughout their careers.

A college degree has long been one of the ways that employers screen the qualifications of their employees. Imagine that two professional pilots are applying for the same job. Their backgrounds are very similar, and they both received the same flight training. The only significant difference between them is that one has an associate degree and the other does not. It’s not hard to imagine which pilot employers may find to be the more ideal candidate for the position they’re trying to fill.

Upper Limit Aviation Professional Pilot Students Pursuing Associate Degrees

Upper Limit Aviation believes that a good pilot is made by the quality of his training, and we feel that the best training takes place when students can utilize a multi-disciplinarian approach that incorporates comprehensive flight knowledge, practical cockpit experience, a deep understanding of the mechanics of flight, and ideally, all of this should be supported by an educational foundation, such as the type offered by one of our partner schools. Doing this will benefit students who wish to have a competitive edge over their peers.

While there is an unprecedented number of opportunities available to today’s new pilots, the top jobs will go to the most qualified applicants. Doing whatever you can to ensure that you will be the top pilot an employer considers is essential attaining the highest level of success, and Upper Limit Aviation is proud to help our students reach that level of excellence.

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