Seaplane Rating Training: Improve Your Flying with a Seaplane Rating

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If you’re looking for ways to build time or expand your horizons, you might want to consider a seaplane rating. Just in case fun isn’t reason enough, we’ve got list of several other reasons a seaplane rating will improve your flying.

In our new article Seaplane Rating Training: 3 Ways a Seaplane Rating will Improve Your Flying we run down several ways a seaplane rating will improve your flying, including requiring a practical exam and teaching a different skill-set. The following sample should get you interested, be sure to click through and read the rest of the article:

It may seem strange to view an exam as a plus, but consider the following: When you take a practical exam, the clock is rolled back on your Biennial Flight Review. Additionally, any time spent with a pilot examiner helps you get to know the examiner better. This in turn makes future exams less nerve-wracking. Finally, while a practical exam is required, adding a seaplane rating to an existing certificate requires no additional written exams. The net result is after a few hours training and an easy practical exam, you are certified to fly seaplanes and you’re a little less nervous about flying with an examiner.

Seaplane rating training really is great way to enhance your flying skills and take a little more enjoyment out of the experience of flying. For a little time and effort, you can open up a world of destinations and add a host of exciting aircraft options to your flying inventory…read more >>

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