Seaplane Rating Training: The Process of Getting a Seaplane Rating

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If you’re considering seaplane rating training, but you’re not sure what all is involved in getting your seaplane rating, we’ve got an overview of the process that should help you not only find training, but will also introduce some of the skills and knowledge you will acquire during your training.

In our new article Seaplane Rating Training: Just Add Water we run down the major elements of seaplane rating training, including the amount of time required for training. The following is just a sample, be sure to click through to read the entire article:

While the time can vary widely depending on your background, many reputable training providers offer a 5 hour add-on rating course that can completed in a long weekend. This is typically adequate for a majority of pilots, but you may find you enjoy flying floats enough to take a few more days. It is also important to note that, unless your training provider has a relationship with an examiner, it may take longer to schedule your check-ride.

Seaplane flying adds variety and new skills to your flying that are unmatched by any other rating. The possibilities of seaplane flying are widely varied and exciting. Once you’re a qualified seaplane pilot, you can easily fly out to pristine wilderness, enviable fishing spots or taxi right up to the dock at your lake retreat…read more >>

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