Sport Pilot Training: Perks of Learning to Fly Light Sport

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If you’re looking into sport pilot training, but you’re not sure how it differs from private pilot training, we’ve got a collection of several perks of sport pilot training that should help you decide the best path for you.

In our new article Sport Pilot Training: Four Perks of Learning to Fly Light Sport we discuss several perks of sport pilot training, such as cost savings and no required medical exam. The following is just a sample of the article, be sure to click through to read the whole thing:

LSA of any type are usually light and easy to fly and the newer LSA offer advanced avionics that supplement their delightful flying characteristics. They can require a bit more attention than their larger counterparts, thanks to their quick response to control inputs, but make no mistake, LSA are great aircraft. Their light and efficient designs mean they don’t feel heavy or sluggish in the air, which manifests as lighter than normal stick forces required to maneuver. LSA’s ease of handling will enhance your flight training and your enjoyment of every flight. Furthermore, most new Light Sport Aircraft feature glass cockpits, which offers a more centralized and efficient display of the primary flight instruments.

As you can see, Sport Pilot and LSA are a great way to learn to fly. Further, if you’re primarily seeking a way to enjoy flying as a hobby, Light Sport is perfect…read more >>

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