Sport Pilot Training: Why Consider A Sport Pilot Certificate?

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If you’re just starting out learning to fly, you might be considering a sport pilot certificate and chances are you’re not sure whether it’s right for you. If that sounds about right, we’ve got a few reasons you should go for a sport pilot certificate no matter your goals.

In our new article Sport Pilot Training: Three Reasons To Consider A Sport Pilot Certificate we discuss three reasons sport pilot training is great for every new pilot, such as lower cost and getting a certificate faster. The following is just a part of the article, click through to read it all:

One of the areas where the sport pilot certificate is obviously more restricted than a private pilot certificate is aircraft. Sport pilots are only allowed to fly light sport aircraft, or LSA, which are aircraft that meet a certain standard. Generally, the standard is an aircraft less than 1320 pounds gross weight, with only two seats, and a maximum speed of less than 120 knots. There are several other restrictions, but generally it isn’t a mystery whether a plane is an LSA or not.

There are two major categories of LSA: purpose-built LSA, like the Remos GX or Icon A5, and legacy LSA, like the Piper Cub or Aeronca Champ. These two categories of LSA are very different, but offer interesting perks. The purpose-built LSA tend to be sleek and modern looking and they sport cockpits stuffed with the latest technology. They don’t carry quite the cost of traditional aircraft, like the Cessna 182, but they aren’t cheap either. The appeal is that you can gain proficiency with glass panel avionics, GPS and autopilots more affordably than a private pilot. If expense is your primary concern, the legacy LSA will be helpful…read more >>

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