The Top 10 Reasons It’s Cool To Be A Pilot

A Humorous Look At Learning To Fly!… Enjoy!

  1. You can pepper your conversation with terms that confuse mere mortals, such as “knots,” “sectional,” and “base leg.”

  2. Tattered flying outfit says experience, not poverty.

  3. You can look out of the cockpit and see where that confusing short-cut road goes, without having to refer to something as lame as a . . . road map.

  4. Aviation-theme bumper stickers make any car look cool, even a 12-year-old Corolla.

  5. Avgas / jet fuel has been shown to be an effective pheromone. Well, that’s what my first flight instructor told me.

  6. A cockpit has more “apps” than a smart phone.

  7. Any job where you have to strap in to do it is cool.

  8. If you’re giving someone a ride and they’re being a jerk, you can probably make them sick. That’ll teach ’em!

  9. Playing video games counts as vocational skill training.

  10. “Helmet hair” looks cool. True for guys and chicks.

About the author: Dave “Bio” Baranek was a US Navy radar intercept officer (RIO) in the F-14 Tomcat fighter. He was also a Topgun instructor, and helped film the movie “Top Gun.” He has written a book about some of his flying adventures called TOPGUN DAYS, and his website is

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