Will My Family Fly With Me? – Three Ways You Can Help


Let’s face it… a lot of people are scared of “little airplanes”. And who could blame them? The only time they hear about a little airplane is after it has crashed somewhere. Sadly, people have been trained by the media to think that small airplanes fall out of the sky on a regular basis. If we applied the same logic to automobile accidents, the news would cover nothing but car crashes all day long. Yet most people you ask on the street will say they fear riding in a small airplane more than driving to the store for a gallon of milk.

As someone who is considering learning to fly, is in pilot training now, or has already earned a license, you’ve probably encountered this fear of flying from family and friends. Don’t worry, it’s not you… it happens to most pilots no matter what they fly or how long they’ve been flying.

Our new article, Will My Family Fly With Me? – Three Ways You Can Help explores some of the ways you can help alleviate your passengers’ concerns and hopefully get them in the air for a safe, fun, and memorable flight experience. Here’s an excerpt:

Almost every person that has considered learning to fly has worried whether their significant other or family will want to fly with them. The ideas start flowing almost immediately: “We could take the weekend and go to the beach or see our cousins out west. Ooh, the Grand Canyon would be neat.” To be brutally honest, it isn’t always that simple. The freedom is there, but sometimes other people, even those we are close to, don’t feel the same way about flying that pilots do. So, how do you keep your significant others willing to go? Avoid pressuring them, start small, and fly safe are the easiest ways to get your family and friends to want to go along… read more >>

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