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Airports Near Appleton, WI

The nearest Airports to Fremont are San Jose International Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from San Jose, California and is 16 miles from the center of Fremont, CA. Oakland International Airport is the next closest airport, 22 miles from Fremont, CA. San Jose International has international and domestic flights. San Francisco International Airportis 32 miles from Fremont, CA. Stockton Metropolitan Airport is 62 miles from Fremont, CA. There are two heliports in Fremont, Washington Hospital Heliport and First Interstate Bank Operations Center Heliport.

Helicopter Fun Facts for Appleton, WI

Eurocopter EC175: The best medium twin for the future of helicopters. Designed with our customers, the EC175 sets new standards for all your missions. Ingeniously optimized.

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