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Aviation History for Clarksville, TN and Fun Facts for Clarksville, TN

There are additional maintenance requirements for commercially-operated helicopters, including those at flight schools. They must have inspections every 100 hours or, in some rare cases, on a different schedule if the flight school has received FAA approval to conduct progressive inspections. Finally there are manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures, typically at 25-, 50- and 100-hour intervals. In most cases, these are not legally required for operators, but may serve as a reference for a FAR 135 or FAR 121 maintenance manual.

Interesting Aviation Facts for Clarksville, TN for Clarksville, TN

MD Helicopters - MD Explorer: An international helicopter industry advisory board guided the design and development of the MD Explorer with an objective to produce a multipurpose twin-engine helicopter that would set new standards in performance, affordability, dependability and safety.