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Interesting Helicopter Facts for Concord, CA

Numerous individuals have contributed to the conception and development of the helicopter. The idea appears to have been from nature in origin, meaning that it was derived from a natural phenomena. In this case, the whirling, fruit of the maple tree to a mechanical design. In 1784, French inventors, Launoy and Bienvenue created a toy with a rotary-wing that could lift and fly and proved the principle of helicopter flight. Much like the maple tree fruit as it flies to the ground.

Helicopter Spotlight for Concord, CA

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois (unofficially Huey) is a military helicopter powered by a single turboshaft engine with a two-bladed main rotor and tail rotor. The helicopter was developed by Bell Helicopter to meet theUnited States Army's requirement for a medical evacuation and utility helicopter in 1952 and first flew on 20 October 1956. Ordered into production in March 1960 the UH-1 was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production for the United States military and more than 16,000 have been produced worldwide.