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Aviation Factoids and Figures and Fun for Concord, NH

As the helicopter approaches the ground, the pilot must then get rid of most of their forward motion and slow the decent using the stored up kinetic energy in the rotors. If done perfectly, the landing will be quite gentle. They accomplish this by executing a flare, pitching the nose up, at the right moment.

Interesting Aviation Facts for Concord, NH for Concord, NH

Become a commercial helicopter pilot: Go to the Find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) page of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website and find an FAA-authorized AME to give you a physical examination. If you pass the examination, the AME will give you a medical certificate that will allow you start flight training. People planning to become air ambulance pilots should ask for at least a second-class certificate, as this is the certificate required by commercial pilots.