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Aviation Training Facts for Coral Springs, FL

Become a commercial helicopter pilot: With 400,000 helicopter rescues and 150,000 patient transports by plane each year, air ambulances provide a valuable emergency medical service. Whether you're flying a helicopter or a plane, piloting one of these ambulances can be a rewarding career.

US Army Helicopter Pilots: The most beneficial criteria for students is that no higher education is required for being an pilot in this job. Students have to enroll in 'High school to Flight School Program' that first makes students warrant officers.

Aircraft Category Ratings
  • Airplane
  • Rotorcraft
  • Glider
  • Lighter-than-air
  • Powered-lift
  • Powered parachute
  • Weight-shift-control aircraft

plus Airplane Class Ratings, Rotorcraft Class Ratings, Lighter-than-air Class Ratings, etc...