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Interesting Helicopter Facts for Fairmont, WV

There are more than 11,000 civil helicopters operating just in the U.S. and more than 15,000 civil helicopters operating in more than 157 other countries around the world.

The record for the fastest helicopter in the world is held by the Sikorsky X2 which, during a flyby over Florida, United States, clocked 258mph (416kph). But this was beaten recently. On June 7th 2013, the X3 blew through the previous air speed record for helicopters by cruising at 255 knots (293 MPH) during a 40-minute flight over Southern France near Istres.

Aviation Quotes for Fairmont, WV

Flight Instructor Facts for Fairmont, WV The usual cost for a refresher course is roughly $200 US Dollars (USD). There are, however, additional costs for course options, such as in-house certification. This option allows you to obtain your updated certification certificate directly from the course provider instead of traveling to your local Federal Aviation Association (FAA)