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Interesting Helicopter and Fixed-wing Facts for Grand Forks, ND

A helicopter is an engine-driven rotorcraft (a type of aircraft) which uses rotating blades for lift, propulsion, thrust and steering. The word 'Helicopter' comes from the French word 'hlicoptre' which is derived from the Greek words 'helix/helik' (which means 'twisted / curved') and 'pteron' (which means 'wing').

The biggest helicopter was the Russian Mil Mi-12 Homer of 1968 which could lift 40,204 kg up to 2255 m.

Fun Helicopter and Airplane Facts for Grand Forks, ND

On average, a helicopter ground school program takes 12 to 15 weeks to complete. Although there are schools that offer degree programs, traditional programs concentrate on hands-on training and building the flight hours needed for a license.