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Aviation Factoids and Figures and Fun for Graniteville-East Barre, VT

Hovering a helicopter is the hardest skill for a beginner pilot to learn. Holding a steady hover in left crosswind can be a challenge even for an experience pilot. A beginner usually has little trouble conducting basic maneuvers 1000' above the ground and moving forward at 70 knots. That's partly because the helicopter tail has horizontal and vertical stabilizer surfaces and partly because minor attitude variations don't matter much, e.g., the helicopter flies just as well at 60 or 80 knots as at 70 knots.

Helicopter Factoid for Graniteville-East Barre, VTs for Graniteville-East Barre, VT

The legendary S-76 rotary wing helicopter, the gold standard of its class, operates successfully in more than forty countries on five continents, fulfilling its many missions in varied environmental conditions found worldwide. Sikorsky helicopters services include the combination of technology and unique capability to provide elite fleet operators & world class support.