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Fun Helicopter and Airplane Facts for Hialeah, FL

Robinson Helicopters: The R22 Beta II incorporates a Lycoming O-360 four-cylinder, carburetor-equipped engine fueled with 100L grade aviation gasoline. This 145 hp engine is derated to 131 hp for five minutes at takeoff and 124 hp for continuous operation. A powerful engine, a lightweight steel-tube airframe, and aerodynamic shape gives the R22 a cruise speed of up to 90 kts and an average fuel consumption of only 7-10 gallons per hour.

Fun Helicopter and Airplane Facts for Hialeah, FL

  • There is a limited weight constraint on Rotorway helicopters that is 225 lbs per seat.
  • You need a rotorcraft license to fly a Rotorway helicopter. You do not need a fixed-wing license to fly a Rotorway helicopter.
  • Rotorway helicopters cannot be altered to allow for longer flights and additional fuel. The aircraft has been engineered and tested as constructed for safety and performance; it is not recommended to make any alterations in this aircraft.

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